2022 Pricing

Every listing is unique and we’ve crafted our menu of services to reflect that. Choose what you need to showcase your listing and combine services for a package discount. Our core services are priced in four different levels based on the size of the listings, and the enhancements included with the service. This pricing reflects the reality of marketing a smaller budget friendly listing (with a smaller commission check) and escalates up to the 7-figure listing range. We offer both stand alone options, as well as discounted package pricing. If you’re an agent or team with more than 25 listings each year, you may qualify for additional discounts and we’d love to discuss it with you.

Standalone Pricing

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Core Services Basic Classic Classic+ Lux
Listing Photos $85 $145 $190 $275
Matterport Tour $100 $145 $205 $275
Panorooms V. Tour $75 $100 $125 $250
Measured Floor Plan $40/NA $75/$150 $115/$190 $250+

Package Pricing

To offer you the best value while providing flexibility, all of our services can be swapped in and out for each listing at your discretion. But there are several packages which are often ordered together and can be discounted when performed on the same appointment. The examples are just that, and you can tailor the package that suits your needs.

Classic Two Pack
10%10% Off Any Two Classic(+) Services when scheduled together
  • Sample Packages:
  • Photos/Floor:
  • $180
  • Photos/PVT:
  • $225
  • Photos/Matterport:
  • $234
Triple ThreatBest Value
15%15% Off Any Three Services when ordered together
  • Sample Packages:
  • Photos/PVT/Floor:
  • $259
  • Photos/PVT/Aerial:
  • $297
  • Photos/MP/Aerial:
  • $306
Luxury Two Pack
20%20% Off Any Two Luxury Services when scheduled together
  • Sample Packages:
  • Lux Photos & Floor:
  • $352
  • Lux Photos & MP:
  • $372
  • Lux Photos & PVT:
  • $392

Additional Services

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Additional Services Price/Details
Virtual Staging $45 per image, must be purchased with listing photos
Single Property Website $75 per property after a onetime $100 setup fee
Aerial Photos / Video Starting at $120/listing and customized to compliment your marketing plan
Marketing Flyers / Postcards Starting at $75 per property after an initial template has been created

“Small” Print

Every effort has been made to ensure these prices are fair with respect to the amount of work each service demands for each listing, but houses are unique and there’s always the chance for a curveball. In the event that we discover a listing isn’t well represented by the information on this page, we will inform you before any work has taken place exactly what the situation is and what the expected cost will be. Then we can discuss how to proceed for an ideal outcome. Matterport tours of properties in excess of 5,000 sq/ft are subject to a discretionary $0.05/sq/ft surcharge. Properties outside of Mayfield Heights are subject to a $0.65/mile travel fee if the total exceeds $10. If you’d like a written estimate that includes this charge please ask in advance of your appointment. For more information see our TOS page.

Basic Services

The Basic service level is designed for less expensive listings that still deserve professional results. A budget friendly option, this service level has the following limitations and restrictions:

  • Photos – Max of 20 images with limited editing, can only be ordered twice per month and cannot be your introductory appointment.
  • Matterport – Maximum of two floors and limited to thirty scanning locations. Includes three months of model hosting.
  • Panorooms VT – Includes interior spaces in list form only and three months of tour hosting.
  • Measured Floor Plan – Individual rooms only, does not include doors, closets or halls.
All basic appointments are subject to an additional travel fee of $0.25/mile in addition to the standard travel if applicable

Classic / Classic+ Services

The Classic service level is what we’ve built our business with. These services deliver an excellent value for the price and will make your listings stand out from the crowd. Your listing size will determine whether it is a Classic or Classic+ price based on the following criteria:

  • Classic – Maximum of 4 bedrooms, and up to 3500 sq/ft of living space.
  • Classic+ – 5+ bedrooms and/or 3500+ sq/ft of living space.
You can expect between 30-50 photos from the Classic level. If you’d like to have more coverage you can elect to pay the Classic+ price and we will accommodate your preferences. Learn more about our listing photo approach here

Classic+ Services

The Classic+ service level is exactly the same as our Classic services, with accommodations for larger listings. There is no size limit for this level with the exception of Matterport tours for listings in excess of 5000 sq/ft which are subject to an additional  $0.05 per sq/ft over 5000.

Luxury Services

The Luxury service level, as its name implies, is for distinguished listings. The utmost care and attention to detail are included to make sure your listing receives the care it deserves. Ideal for properties with a listing price greater than $500k or a sq/ft larger than 4000. Learn more about our Luxury Services here.

Listing Photos

Our most important core service. Listing Photos are the first thing that buyers will see from your listing and we can help make a great first impression.

Learn more about our Listing Photos.

Matterport Tour

A Matterport Tour is a great way to let a buyer become familiar with your listing before their showing. While photos can give a buyer a sense of how a listing feels, a virtual tour goes a step further.

Learn more about what makes our Matterport Tours unique.

Panorooms Virtual Tour

Where it all began for us, our (newly renamed) Panorooms Virtual Tour is a great budget friendly option that will let buyers become familiar with your listing before their showing. That way they arrive knowing what to expect, inserted of finding a surprise that will send the to the next house on their list.

Learn more about our namesake service.

Measured Floor Plan

Such a simple thing that has a huge impact for buyers, our Measured Floor Plans are just what they sound like, a complete accounting of the entire listing. Give your buyer the answer to every possible question and let them start to visualize where their existing furnishing will fit into their new home.

*Note: Pricing is listed first as an addition to another core service, then as a standalone service.

Learn more about our Measured Floor Plans.

Virtual Staging

A more flexible option compared to real furniture staging for listings with rooms or areas that need dressing up. You can stage a single room, or an entire property. Large format easel printing available for in-person viewing.

Single Property Websites

Take control of your additional property marketing by collecting it all in a single destination with only your branding and contact information. Go beyond the single link you’re offered through the MLS and show Pictures, Video, Tour, Floor Plan and more all on a single website. Great for social media and email campaigns as well.

Aerial Photos / Video

Aerial (drone) photos and video are an excellent addition for properties with unique exterior features. Houses near water or with well designed hardscaping are particularly great candidates. A range of options relating to still images and video are available contact us for more information.

Additional Marketing Services

We can also help with more traditional forms of marketing such as printed flyers, mailers and brochures. Contact us to discuss your goals and needs and let us create a solution tailored for you.