Floor Plans

Our slogan is “see the whole picture” and that doesn’t just refer to images. When you list a property for sale images help present it to a buyer, but they don’t go far enough. What if a buyer wants to know if their dining room table will fit in the formal dining area, or if they can squeeze two desks into the office.

By presenting a measured floor plan with your listings you can go a long way to answer these questions for buyers on the spot. We deliver an accurate representation of the home that shows not only the layout, but also the critical dimensions of each room, hallway and even closet.

Plus, it can save you from the hassle of measuring and recording the size of each room for the MLS.

We deliver the floor plan as a PDF report complete with your name, contact information and custom branding. You can print a nice full color copy to leave in the listing, plus you can upload that PDF to the MLS as additional documentation so buyers agents have access to it when they need it.

These make a great statement to sellers that you are going the extra mile to market their property in a way that few people do for even luxury properties.

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