Interactive Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are the cornerstone of what Panorooms does. It was our first product and it remains our favorite to this day. And now, we’ve made them even more affordable with two options to choose from. Our Basic Panorooms Virtual Tour includes everything a buyer needs to understand the layout and flow of your listing. While our Advanced Panorooms Tour includes a few upgrades to offer a little more insight into the features of your listing. And by using this new technology you’ll present yourself to sellers as an agent on the cutting edge. Imagine sitting down with a seller and showing them the virtual tour for one of your listings and explaining that by listing with you, their house will receive the same treatment.

Panorooms Virtual Tours Basic Classic(+) Luxury
Professional Imagery Yes Yes Yes
Complete 360º Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Thumbnail Overview Yes Yes Yes
Walkthrough Feature No Yes Yes
Floor Plan Overlay No Yes* Yes
Autoplay Mode No Yes Yes*
Panotag Links No Yes (10) Yes (20)
VR Mode No No Yes

* Floor Plan Overlay is available in Classic(+) Tours when purchased separately. Autoplay Mode includes a video recording for Luxury Tours which can be used in places that require a video file such as Youtube or Zillow.


Our Classic and Luxury tours includes the walkthrough feature, where the visitor starts at the entryway of the house and is able to click or tap their way through the property as if they were there. It’s an intuitive system that people understand without a learning curve. This allows a visitor to experience the entire property just as if they were in it, no matter the time of day or the device from which they’re viewing the property. Even the most thought-out still photographs cannot fully communicate the flow of a house the way our tours do.  No more clicking between multiple pictures, trying to guess where a doorway leads.

We take care of everything from snapping the first picture to hosting the finished tour – and it’s all included. We don’t outsource the web hosting or the development of the tours – it’s all done in-house. After the property is photographed and the tour is completed, you’ll receive a link where the tour can be accessed. If you have a custom website, we can help embed the tour directly onto it. If you don’t, it’s no problem. All of the major websites (Zillow, Trulia, and most MLS supported websites) have a field for a “virtual tour” that most agents use for what really is just a slideshow. All you’ll need to do is copy your link into that field and users will begin to see your “real” virtual tour.

Since we control every part in the process, we are able to quickly capture and create these tours and meet the needs of a busy agent. The turnaround time is never longer than 48 hours, and often as soon as the following day. We understand that in the Real Estate business timing is everything, and we take our turnaround time very seriously.