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Panorooms can help promote your current projects and attract new ones.
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X-Ray Virtual Tours

Ever cut a hole in a wall expecting to see one thing but you found another? With an X-Ray Virtual Tour you won’t have to wonder what’s behind a wall.

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As Built Floor Plans

Project plans are great, but they don’t automatically update with the changes on site. We can provide accurate drawings of your project as it stands.

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Project Photos

Document the progress of your project, or capture the finished results for your marketing efforts. We have the equipment and know how to get the shot.

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We use the same cutting edge technology to capture and present an entire home, but instead of doing it once, we make multiple visits. Then, with some clever software we give you a magical button that will let you virtually turn the walls off.

The X-Ray tour can have a virtually limitless number of stages. In fact, you could capture the duration of a project and create an interactive “time lapse” for viewers. They’d be able to not only see the progress of the job, but also move around and see any spot that interests them.

We use a software program and a Leica Disto measure tool to create incredibly accurate drawings of a physical space. The drawings can be as simple as linear dimensions, or as complicated to include things like overall volume or surface measurements.

You name it! With extensive experience in Real Estate photography, capturing interior rooms and spaces is our specialty. From simple digital photos all the way to multi exposure blended results, we can do it all to fit your needs.