Panoramic Tour vs “Virtual Tour”

Just because you call something a virtual tour doesn’t make it virtual and it sure doesn’t mean it’s a tour. Even though the technology is available, there are still companies who are misusing the “virtual tour” link offered by MLS services. Adding the Ken Burns photo effect and some instrumental music does not transform still pictures into a tour.

When was the last time you were excited by these glorified slideshows? Likely never, and your prospective buyers aren’t excited by them either.

What they would appreciate is a true virtual tour. Something that puts them in control of the experience. If they want to scope out the stone work and decide if they can fit their 65″ television above it, they need just the right angle to judge the clearance. Do you think the two pictures you took in the family room will help answer that need?

What about someone who’s trying to decide if they like the way the kitchen, dining room and family room flow together? Did you take enough pictures to properly illustrate the way these three important rooms connect? With a professional panoramic tour, you can be confident that every angle is covered completely; our camera will let the visitor see exactly what they would see if they were standing in each room.

Do you think your “virtual tour” can do the same?