Matterport Feature Glossary

Walkthrough Feature

Allows the user to explore the listing by walking through each room naturally. The user can see the connections between rooms, and discover which door leads to which room throughout the listing.

Dollhouse View

The exclusive Matterport feature that lets the viewer look the listing as though it were, well, a dollhouse. They can spin it around and dive directly into any room throughout the listing.

Top Down View

While not the same as a Measured Floor Plan this feature allows the viewer to see each level with the ceiling removed. It’s a great way to visualize the layout since you’re looking at the actual imagery.

Whole House Coverage

All of the living space inside your listing will be included in the tour.

Schematic Floor Plan

Similar to our Measured Floor Plans but without the same level of detail. It’s a great overview to include with your marketing, and it will provide the room dimensions you need for the MLS.

Highlight “Video”

We can create a sort of playlist that the tour window will follow. It’s like autopilot for virtual tours. Plus, on request we can record these as an actual video for you upload to your youtube channel or Facebook page.

Branded Tour

While the MLS will not allow branded content, you can use the additional link for your own marketing and the tour window will include your company name in addition to your contact information.

Mattertag Links

These links or callouts allow you to annotate the finer details of the tour to viewers. You can call attention to the specific make and model of an appliance, give context to a particular room, or point out a recent renovation.

VR Mode

Using the free Matterport VR App, you can display your tour in VR on a smartphone.