2022 Superbowl Conclusion and Feedback

This was without a doubt the biggest our game has ever been. We more than doubled last years participation and had a remarkably close game.

Matt Podojil made a remarkable comeback over Tony Moreira who was the last player to have a perfect score, and who led until the very end. Matt actually tied with Ken Bazydlo, but Matt was ever closer to the final point total of the game. Guessing 52 to Ken’s 31 securing victory. This years big change to award second prize to someone other than second place… well that didn’t work out thanks to a one yard scoring play. But there are already ideas for how to ensure the middle of the pack are still in play for next year. And Mary White won the race to the bottom managing only 15 correct answers out of 42 possible and just edging out Joe Riolo by 3 points.

If anyone would like to share their feedback from this years game and help to improve next years version, there is a form below that you can fill out. I hope everyone enjoyed playing, and I look forward to next years 6th version being bigger and better than ever!


Number of Winners
This was the bigger year we've ever had, and it made me question how the winnings should be distributed. Assuming similar numbers (more than $750 total) what do you think is best? One priority next year will be to ensure that "the middle" have a better chance to win something.

Number of Questions