5th Annual Super Bowl 2022 Quiz Game

Submissions (and payment) must be received before 3:00pm on Sunday Extended to 5:00pm for the stragglers, February 13th for consideration.

Payment of $10 can be submitted to Ted Riolo by either Venmo (QR code below) or Apple Pay (Ted’s cell number) before the deadline. One entry per person, but several members of the same household can play as well.

Game Rules

Each correct answer is worth between 1-3 points (listed with each question) for a combined total score of 100 points. The final question will be used only to break a tie where the answer closest (higher or lower) to the final combined score of the Super Bowl will win. If still tied, the player who submitted their entry first will win.


  • First Prize: Highest Score
  • Second Prize: Player in the same position as the yard line where the final Super Bowl score* originated from. (See below)
  • Third Prize: Lowest Score

Payout is as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 60% of the total pot.
  • 2nd Prize: 25% of the total pot.
  • 3rd Prize: 15% of the total pot.

Payouts will be sent to winners in the same form as the pay in.

Good Luck, Have Fun!


Prize Explanation

To keep the game exciting for everyone until the very end, I’ve changed the winner designations. First prize goes to the best score, that’s a given. Third prize goes to the lowest score because it’s just as difficult to get the lowest score as the highest. The second prize will be awarded to someone in the middle. This way everyone has something to hope for throughout the game. If you’re doing well, you want to keep doing well. If you’re bombing, then just hope for it to get worse. And if you’re in the middle, you are rooting for a scoring play from around the yard line you’re currently sitting. It’s more likely to be a low number, which favors the better scores, but this years playoff has shown that a long field goal is always in play. The second prize will not go to 1st or last place, in that event it will move up/back one spot to ensure there are 3 different winners. *Score from scrimmage, this would exclude a PAT or 2-Point conversion.


When paying with Venmo please make sure to NOT select that you are paying for a service. This generates a few that is lost to Venmo and will require another small transaction to send the full payment.

Entry Form

  • Who invited you to play?
  • Pre-Game and Opening Drive (8)

  • Will Mickey Guyton handhold her microphone while singing? If handheld at any time, even if starting on stand, handheld will be correct.
  • Who will be shown on camera first, after the National Anthem has begun?
  • Starts at the first utterance by Mickey Guyton, ends when she is no longer producing sound with her mouth.
  • Heads or Tails?
  • Start of the Game (6)

  • Will the opening kick result in a touchback?
  • Will the first play from scrimmage be a forward (attempted) pass?
  • Will the team receiving the kickoff score points on their first possession?
  • Firsts & Lasts (21)

  • Who scores first?
  • Who scores first in the second half?
  • Who scores last in the game?
  • Will the player responsible for the game's first points have an even or odd jersey number?
  • Will the player responsible for the second half's first points have an even or odd jersey number?
  • Will the player responsible for the game's last point(s) have an even or odd jersey number?
  • Which team commits the first (accepted) penalty?
  • Which team commits the first (accepted) penalty in the second half?
  • Which team commits the last turnover of the game? Fumble, interception, turnover on downs.
  • Will the final play from scrimmage be a quarterback taking a knee?
  • Game Events (21)

  • Will there be a fake punt, fake field goal or fake PAT attempted?
  • Will the referee measure a spot by bringing the chain gang on the field?
  • Will there be a 2-point play in the game?
  • Will either team miss an attempted kick?
  • Will either team score a touchdown with either their Defense or Special Teams unit?
  • Will the score be tied at any point in the second half?
  • Will a player who has an NFL.com listed height of 5'11" or less score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.
  • Will there be a successful coaches challenge? Requires a red flag to be thrown, booth reviews and automatic reviews are not included.
  • Halftime Show (12)

  • Will the halftime show feature more than 7 unique songs?
  • Will Snoop Dogg be on camera smoking during the halftime show?
  • Will the five listed artists sing together? Must include Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige
  • Will Eminem (or anyone else) sing the song Lose Yourself?
  • Face in the Crowd (12)

    During the game broadcast the production will frequently show celebrities or notable attendees in the crowd. For these questions the "face" in question must be shown on camera with a title card including their name on screen. The quarter begins when the game clock starts running, and ends when it shows 0:00. For example, showing a face after returning from commercials leading into the second quarter, but before the first play begins will not count.
  • Will either Jimmy Fallon OR Seth Myers be a face in the crowd during the first quarter? (just one needs to appear for "yes" to be correct)
  • Will a Grammy winning singer be a face in the crowd during the second quarter?
  • Will an Oscar winning actor/actress be a face in the crowd during the third quarter? (Oscar must be awarded for an acting category)
  • Will a retired professional athlete (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL only) be a face in the crowd during the fourth quarter?
  • Will a gold medalist from the 2022 Winter Olympic Games be a face in the crowd at ANY point during the game?
  • Commercials - Which Comes First (20)

    Only commercials that run during the game (not until kickoff, and not during half time) are eligible.

    As soon as the game clock begins counting down, until the end of the first half. And then when the second half begins, until time expires.
  • Which comes first, a commercial for Verizon or AT&T?
  • Which comes first, commercial for Uber Eats or Door Dash?
  • Which comes first, a commercial for Quickbooks or Taco Bell?
  • Which comes first, a Domestic Auto Maker commercial or a Foreign Auto Maker commercial?
  • Which comes first, a commercial for Booking.com or Expedia Group?
  • Which comes first, a commercial Doritos or Crypto? (Crypto.com, FTX, Coinbase, or any other commercial that promotes purchasing "crypto")
  • Which comes first, a commercial for Meta (Facebook) or Mayonnaise?
  • Which comes first, a commercial for State Farm or Progressive?
  • Which comes first, commercial for Beer or another type of Alcohol? (Wine, Liquor, Hard Seltzer, etc)
  • Which will come first in any commercial, a dog or any other mammal (excluding humans)?
  • Tie Breaker

    Below you will enter your guess for the COMBINED final score of the game. In the event of any tie, the closest guess (over or under) to the actual combined score will break the tie. If there is still a tie, the player who submitted their entry first will win.
  • Please enter a number from 2 to 150.
    What will be the total number of points scored in Super Bowl LVI? (Whole numbers only)
  • Confirm your choices, there is no review page