X-Ray Tour

When building a new home there is all sorts of planning that takes place. Where to locate outlets, run heating ducts, fish plumbing lines and so much more. Then the walls go up and all of those really important features that were meticulously planned are hidden forever.

Have you ever cut a hole in a wall or ceiling expecting to see one thing but you found another? Or have you ever wished you could just put on a pair of comic book x-ray glasses and just see what was hidden behind the wall?

The Panorooms X-Ray tour gives you that power (but only to look behind walls, it doesn’t work out in the world) We use the same cutting edge technology to capture and present an entire home, but instead of doing it once, we make multiple visits. Then, with some clever software we give you a magical button that will let you virtually turn the walls off.

This is obviously only possible for either new construction, or renovation situations, but it is beyond priceless when you see how much time and hassle it can save you weeks, months and years into the future.

Take a look at this full size demonstration of a property in Shaker Heights:

Full Scale X-Ray Tour

Notice how you can see EVERYTHING that was there just the way it is, not just how it was supposed to be. Imagine a situation where you’re trying to trace a faulty wire through a wall. Even if you had the blueprints there is no guarantee that the contractor followed them perfectly. Maybe they encountered a problem and had to improvise, but never updated the plans. You could end up cutting into a wall or ceiling only to find a surprise.

But with an X-Ray tour from Panorooms you can see everything quickly and easily. Moving from room to room is quick and seamless. And if you’re using a handheld device (like an smartphone or tablet) the image actually will align itself automatically to the room. Turning that device into a futuristic X-Ray viewer.