When you use a wide angle lens for real estate photography you can unlock serious potential. But at the same time, in unskilled hands you can also create a mess. Luckily we know what we’re doing and with the right tools we can show more of every room inside a listing.

Here’s an example from a typical full bathroom in a 4 bedroom home. In the normal picture on the left, you’ll see that there’s no indication this bathroom is more than just a half bath. In the second photo, 16mm, you start to see the bathtub but only barely. Only in the ultra wide photo (our standard) do you get the whole picture where you can see entire tub area not to mention the full ceiling and floor.

Showing more of each room in a single photo lets prospective buyers start to connect with your listing quicker. The more they need to scroll through photos the more likely they are to get bored or confused and move on down the list. Make a great first impression with photos from Panorooms.