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Equipment Suggestions

Tripod – I use a professional line of tripods made of carbon fiber, but almost anything will work. Manfrotto makes a very high quality set of legs (tripod without a head) that are durable and relatively inexpensive. MT190X3

Tripod Head – I use what’s called a geared head as it allows for very precise changes to the level of the camera, but a ball head would also work well. It’s important that whatever head you choose has an “Arca-Swiss” style quick connect. This allows you to quickly mount and remove the camera from the tripod. Manfrotto Ball HeadManfrotto Geared Head.

Matterport Case – I have a collection of Pelican cases. They’re durable, waterproof and can be locked with padlocks. I use the Pelican 1500 Case for my camera. I simply took the packing foam out of the shipping box, cut it to fit inside the case, and it’s been like that for more than 3 years now. Link on

Camera Setup

Tripod Setup – Open the legs and extend them to put the camera at a height of between 5-6′ off the ground.

Quick-Release Tripod Head – Drop the Matterport Arca Mount into the quick release plate and secure it in place.

Connecting to an iPad – Turn on the Matterport camera, then search for the Matterport Wi-Fi network on your iPad. Open the Capture app and create a new property, naming as you see fit.


How to Start Scanning a Property – Your starting location is really up to you. I typically start near the front door, but you should probably start near the focal point of your work.

Progressing Through a Property – After your first scan, move 5-10 feet in any direction and scan again. Then continue this process as you slowly build your model out to cover the entire property. Areas that are of greater importance to your work can have more densely placed scans. It’s better to overscan rather than to try and move too far which would create a scan txhat cannot be connected.

360º Scans – Sometimes you want to capture one segment of a property that isn’t connected to an area you want to scan. You could either scan all the way to that remote location, -or- you could use a 360º Scan. This is a way to bring the image data into your model, without needing to scan your way to that remote spot. NOTE: There will not be any 3D data for this scan. You will not be able to measure points within it, and it will not show up in the “dollhouse” view.

Tips and Tricks – Make sure that the property is how you want it to be before you start scanning. Matterport relies on measurements to create the model and connect locations, and changing things in the scene can create scanning errors. It’s also best to do the scans when you’re only one in the room (if possible) as again this will lower the chances of scanning errors.

My.Matterport Cloud Portal

Viewing Models – Visiting and signing in, you’ll be presented with your list of models.

Sharing Models – Clicking “Share” will give you the public links that you can send as needed.

Ordering Floor Plans – On the left column click “Floor Plan”, and then click “Buy” to order you floor plan.

Adding Collaborators – Click the “Invite” button along the top to invite a collaborator.

Opening Workshop – Click the “Workshop” button above the preview window to enter the workshop.


How to Take Measurements – Click the “Measurements” tool to enter into measurement mode. Then click on the start and end of your measurement to record the distance. You can name the measurement in the right side bar. NOTE: Make sure you have the view where you’d like the measurement before you click the measurement button.

How to Take Snap Shots – Navigate around the model to the location you’d like to capture as an image. Then click snapshot, make your final alignment, and click the shutter button to capture the view as a 2D image.

How to Create Annotations – Click the Mattertag button in the tool bar and place it in the model where you’d like. Then you can add a note or image/video that will display when a user clicks the tag inside the model.

Example Tour

Link to the model we used in the demonstration